In the frame of the ENeRAG student exchange between 13 October and 7 December Ábel Markó joined the GTK’s Geoenergy Group under the supervision of Kimmo Korhonen. His visit focused on the numerical modelling of low enthalpy geoenergy potential. First, the method of analysing shallow geothermal systems, modelling borehole heat exchangers and conductive heat transfer using COMSOL Multyphisics software and machine learning was introduced. Then the shallow geoenergy potential estimation method was adapted to a different geological-hydrogeological environment for a sedimentary basin. Finally, after building the sufficient dataset, the method was applied on a Hungarian study area located in the city center of Budapest.

During the visit, Ábel was able to gather knowledge about numerical modelling methods and apply the approach of the GTK team. He also gained insight into the ongoing projects and case studies in Finland presented by senior researchers. Moreover, Ábel visited the petrophysical laboratory and participated in the measurement of thermal parameters on the rock samples delivered from Budapest, which then served as input parameters for the models.

The exchange was able to strengthen the connection between ELTE and GTK as well as to outline a joint paper which will be completed through online follow-up discussions.