The staff exchange of Ádám Tóth (assistant professor, ELTE) was organised for the application of cutting edge modern analytical techniques in research on crustal fluid systems. The focus of this event was on the application of isotope techniques in hydrogeology understanding groundwater flow conditions and mixing of surface water and groundwater. In the frame of this occasion between 12 and 16 September 2021, Ádám visited GTK’s unit called Circular Economic Solutions and performed lab measurements under the supervision of Mia Tiljander.

During the visit, Ádám could gain insight into the ongoing projects, research labs and facilities of the unit including a rooftop rainwater collection station. However, the main goal was to learn the operation of δD and δ18O measurements using PICARRO L2130-i δD/δ18O Ultra High-Precision Isotopic Water Analyzer. Ádám could acquire knowledge on water sample preparation, measurement routine, data calibration and data processing.

An in-person meeting was organised with other ENeRAG participants of GTK, Nina Hendriksson, Kirsti Korkka-Niemi, Tiina Kaipainen, to evaluate and discuss the isotopic composition of his water samples. The senior researchers presented their projects and case studies in Finland, Vietnam and Tajikistan.

The exchange could help to implement the gathered knowledge into the ongoing research projects. Moreover, the scope of a joint paper was formulated, and follow-up discussions will be organised online.