Supported by the ENeRAG project, Sándor Józsa (Department of Petrology and Geochemistry) participated in the 11th Assembly of Petrology and Geochemistry organized by Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science, Volcanology Research Group (Eötvös University) and Szeged University. The conference took place 2-4 September in Sopron, Hungary.

This year (postponed from last year) the conference was devoted to all forms of metamorphosis (including alteration, transformation, metamorphism…), however other topics were also represented. 

Sándor Józsa presented an ENeRAG project-related research work, with the title of Unusual mixed carbonate-silica hot spring deposits from the SE Börzsöny Mts (N Hungary) in the poster session. 

Typical textures of the studied hot spring deposits (see the text for explanation)

The text can be found here from page 15 to 18.

Besides oral and poster presentations, there was a dedicated day for a field trip focusing on high pressure metamorphic rocks, in the Alpine metamorphic region of the Sopron Mountains.

Attending the conference under the umbrella of the ENeRAG project created good opportunities for networking and also for knowledge exchanges. It increased the level of dissemination of the ENeRAG as well.