The ENeRAG H2020 project has compiled three spectacular videos (in Hungarian language) for the Researchers’ Night held on 27 November 2020. With the help of these short films, those interested can gain an insight into the hidden world of groundwater.

Do you know that waters are in constant motion in a region that is closed to our eyes, below the surface? Is there a connection between surface and groundwater? Have you ever thought about the impact that human activity can have on groundwater? How does a pollutant behave below the surface? How much water do we consume in our daily activities and how much water is available to us globally?

You can easily access the answers to the above questions, if you listen to the lecture and the experiments presented in the videos!

In this video, Judit Mádl-Szőnyi (the coordinator of ENeRAG) gives a presentation on the closed world of groundwater, highlights the outdated concepts and draws attention to surface and groundwater processes from the perspective of modern hydrogeology. With the involvement of the audience, three experiments will also be presented that clearly demonstrate that the human activities have a significant impact on surface and groundwater.

In the following recording, Petra Baják (PhD student) presents an experiment that illustrates what happens when human (polluting) activity causes pollution on the surface that enters into the groundwater. By watching the video, you can compile the experiment yourselves and playfully learn about the hidden world of groundwater.

In the third video, Soma Oláh (BSc student) speaks about possibilities of sustainable water management and drinking water supply, primarily in relation to groundwater. With this video Soma won first prize in a scientific communication competition within the “Mater’s degree and talent up” category announced among the Scholars of the New National Excellence Program.